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Walther PDP COMPACT 4"

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Defined by over a century of engineering passion, precision workmanship and innovation, Walther has achieved a breakthrough never seen before in firearms with its new Performance Duty Pistol. With advantages of RDS Ergonomics that are fully optimized for red-dot optics, Superterran Slide Serrations for ease of operation, a brand-new Performance Duty Trigger for accuracy and a Stepped Chamber for pushing higher velocities, the PDP is the next level in the evolution of pistols.

  • A highly distinct, recognizable feel for repeatable
  • accuracy that will maximize your confidence. When you
  • are READY to take the shot, this is the trigger you want.
  • Uniquely designed protruding serrations on the slide,
  • allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on
  • engagement with the pistol.
  • Walther has pushed the boundaries of testing in some
  • of the harshest conditions to endure this pattern is
  • READY when you are.
  • Designed around making the switch to the popular
  • red-dot sight system easier for the new RDS shooter
  • and faster for the RDS veterans.
  • All PDP models come optics READY. If you plan on
  • putting an optic on your pistol then you are READY to
  • go, if you want to keep that factory look then you are
  • covered with the included cover plate.
  • 5. MODULARITY The PDP is the most modular and versatile pistol ever designed by Walther. With two distinctly different frame sizes and three different lengths of slides available you can truly tailor this pistol to be READY for your specific needs. Any slide length can fit on any frame, even if it is not a factory offering. If you are READY for a shorter dust cover with a longer slide or a shorter slide than dust cover it’s easy to configure.
  • • Any Slide fits on any Frame – if you want a shorter or longer dust cover we will have slides available for sale so people can do that. You must match the barrel length to the slide length, do not put a 4” barrel in a 5” slide...
  • • Recoil system is the same on all models.
  • • Sights are the same on all models.
  • • Most parts are interchangeable from Compact to Full Size. The backstraps are not.
  • • The Compact magazine will not work in the Full Size but the Full Size will work in the Compact
  • 6. SIGHTS
  • With windage and elevation adjustable sights standard
  • right out of the box the PDP is READY to be configured
  • to any ammo of your choice.
  • Walther’s innovative stepped chamber affords you more
  • performance and dependability from any ammunition.
  • This unique design combines advantages to give you
  • the reliability of a duty gun by allowing your gun to
  • operate cleaner over a high round count while still
  • maintaining match-grade accuracy.

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